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Martha Stewart Wellness Greens


Feed your body the essential superfoods it craves with Martha’s daily Wellness Greens, a convenient all-in-one supplement that packs a day’s worth of green vegetables in a single serving. Crafted with nutrient powerhouses like spinach, celery, and ginger root balanced with bright citrus, it's your daily energy and immunity boost for enhanced health, fitness, and digestion.. 

Body-Fueling Greens in Martha's Favorite Flavors

Welcome a sense of enhanced well-being with Martha Stewart Wellness Greens, now in a unique medley of flavors to satisfy every palate. Choose from zesty, earthy Lemon & Spinach, invigorating, warming Ginger & Apple, and clean, refreshing Mint & Parsley. 

Each flavor is thoughtfully crafted to deliver a revitalizing break in your day. A potent blend of nutrients support daily vitality and a sense of wellbeing. Get ready to transform your wellness practice with your new favorite supplement ritual.

Optimal Wellness, Plus Clean Energy

Martha Stewart’s approach to healthy living is the inspiration and foundation of our Wellness Greens formula. Meticulously blended to optimize your daily nutrition, our Greens not only enhance your wellness, they support healthy digestion, and deliver a clean energy boost that promises to keep you active and vitalized throughout your busy day.

Targeted Ingredients, Real Results

Whether you are deepening your wellness practice or beginning to embrace a healthier lifestyle, Martha Stewart Wellness Greens adapt in support of your goals. They are crafted with the finest organic greens — including wheat grass, spirulina, broccoli, parsley, and kale — that integrate effortlessly into your routine. The result is a sense of enhanced wellbeing balanced with a refreshing taste that provides a vitalizing break in your day.

Supercharge Your Day with Powerful Greens

Enjoy optimal vitality to last throughout your day with our exclusive blend of organic nutrients designed to boost your immune system, support clean energy levels, and assist in regular, healthy digestion. Each serving is crafted to fit seamlessly into your day and is a purposeful step towards arriving at your best, most active and vibrant, self.

Digestive Well-Being 

with a Garden Touch

Martha Stewart Wellness Greens provide more than just nutrition; they offer a digestive peace that complements your body's natural rhythms. With ingredients selected from nature's finest herbs and greens, this supplement encourages detoxification and digestive health, forming the cornerstone of your wellness routine and reflecting Martha's vision of harmony and balance.

Digestive Well-Being 

Sourced from the Garden

Martha Stewart Wellness Greens provide more than just daily nutrition, they offer peace of mind that your are resetting the natural rhythms your body needs to achieve healthy digestion. With ingredients selected from nature's most beneficial herbs and greens, this supplement also encourages reduced inflammation, mental clarity, and an immune system boost to defend against environmental factors we face everyday.

Experience Martha’s Morning Green Ritual

You've seen it on the "Today" show, you've read about it in Martha's blog, and now, the essence of Martha Stewart's favorite green juice is accessible to everyone in a convenient, all-in-one formula. Our Wellness Greens is not just a supplement; it's Martha's trusted morning ritual supplemented with advanced, precision nutrition. It's your shortcut to enhanced energy, fitness, and digestion for a winning start to your day.

Real Reviews From Real People

Beyond Expectations


"Most greens are chalky, but these were all really good. Not a single bad one. I'd give it a 20 out of 10. Just phenomenal."


Summertime in a Glass


"It just tasted like summer to me. And the fact that I could drink it just with water ... It was amazing. It was just fantastic. Smooth."


Effortlessly Enjoyable Greens


"Sometimes you get greens, it's tough to get down. It's chalky, there's aftertaste, but that was refreshing. Mix it with nothing but water and it was perfect."


Your Wellness Experience,

Martha's Commitment to Excellence

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What makes Martha Stewart Wellness Greens unique?

Martha’s Wellness Greens are a symphony of carefully selected organic greens, each chosen for their nutritional value and alignment with Martha’s philosophy of nurturing the body and soul with nature’s best.

How can I enjoy Wellness Greens daily?

With elegance and ease, mix a scoop of Martha’s Wellness Greens into your morning smoothie, sprinkle over your afternoon salad, or blend into a refreshing post-workout shake. Each serving is an invitation to infuse your meals with a touch of Martha’s garden-fresh goodness.

Do Wellness Greens fit my dietary needs?

Our Wellness Greens cater to various dietary preferences, reflecting Martha's commitment to inclusivity and purity in her product line.

What flavors do Wellness Greens offer?

Martha Stewart Wellness Greens feature garden-inspired flavors, each offering a refreshing and nourishing taste experience that complements your wellness journey.

How will Wellness Greens enhance my day?

Integrating Martha Stewart Wellness Greens into your daily routine offers a blend of essential nutrients for immunity, vitality, and digestive well-being, aligning with Martha's vision for a balanced, enriching lifestyle.

Can Wellness Greens support my fitness goals?

Yes, Martha Stewart Wellness Greens provide a botanical boost for all fitness levels, aiding in recovery and sustaining energy for your health and fitness aspirations.